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Jared Newman here. For more than a decade, I've been helping folks make sense of technology as a journalist for sites like PCWorld, TechHive, Fast Company, Time, and my own Cord Cutter Weekly newsletter. I love writing about new apps, neat gadgets, solutions to common tech problems, and the little tricks that everyone should know about.

Advisorator is my way of bringing those insights straight to you. As a subscriber, you'll get a weekly newsletter filled with actionable advice. I'll also keep you informed on the best deals in tech, and you'll have direct access to me for any personal tech questions that arise.

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Kind words from happy subscribers

"For the price of a coffee per month, I get lots of timely and useful info, and Jared's deal alerts help the subscription pay for itself."

"I really appreciate the personal aspect of your writing. It feels less like a magazine and more like a friend sharing insights."

"Not only am I learning about current and upcoming technology, but I feel like I have my own personal advisor."

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More questions, answered

  • When can I expect the newsletter?

    Regular issues of Advisorator arrive every Tuesday morning, subject to change due to holidays and special circumstances. Deal alert emails arrive whenever I think something is worth your attention, which tends to be once or twice a week.

  • Can I read previous issues?

    You bet! Subscribers get access to a members-only website with a searchable archive of every past issue, dating back to Advisorator's launch in May 2018. As a bonus, you can also read the full archives of my other newsletter, Cord Cutter Weekly.

  • How do I get personalized advice?

    Just reply to any of my newsletters, or hop into Advisorator's chat room on Slack for real-time discussion. You'll find a link to the latter on the members-only website.

  • How does billing work?

    I believe in transparent billing and hassle-free cancellation. You'll get an email alert five days before the end of your free trial along with a receipt when each payment goes through. Annual subscribers also get alerts five days before each recurring payment. Forget to cancel? Just let me know, and I'll refund your latest payment with no questions asked.

    I use Stripe to process payments, and charges will appear as "" on your banking statements. I cannot see your full credit card number or charge your card outside of Stripe's secure system.

  • How do I change my payment info or cancel?

    Just log into the membership portal to manage your subscription. You can also email me with a cancellation request and I'll take care of the rest. You'll find these same instructions at the bottom of every weekly newsletter.

  • What's your data collection policy?

    The full policy is here, but the short version is that I only collect what's necessary to verify your payment information, deliver emails to you, and improve the newsletter.

    To that end, I collect anonymous statistics on what percentage of readers open the newsletter and click on links, but this information is not tied to you, and I don't use cookies to track you around my website. How, where, and when you read Advisorator is none of my business.

  • I have more questions.

    I'd be happy to answer them! Just send me an email to get in touch. Otherwise, pick a subscription plan to get started.