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This collection of in-depth guides will help you get smarter about the most important personal tech topics, from security and privacy to useful apps and tools. It’s a resource just for Advisorator subscribers, designed to be useful well beyond the weekly news cycle. I’ll be keeping these guides up to date and adding new ones over time, so you can always come back and learn something new.

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Master your devices

▼ Dig into my favorite apps, tools, and tips. ▼

The ultimate list of awesome apps

I’ve mentioned more than 300 apps in the newsletter. Here they are.

Everyone should know these browser tricks

How to make the most of Chrome, Safari, and other browsers.

Save money

▼ Tactics to reduce your tech expenses. ▼

The best use for an old tablet

Before you buy a picture frame, try this.

Shop smarter

▼ Buying advice for the discerning techie. ▼

How to pick a data plan

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile compared.

Where to buy used tech

Buying like-new will save you loads of money.

How to pick a TV

Terrible TV jargon, demystified.

Security and privacy

▼ Practical ways to stay safe out there. ▼

The explainers

▼ Demystifying one tech topic at a time. ▼

Stay tuned

More guides are coming soon!