Refer a friend, get rewards

Hey folks, I hope you’re enjoying Advisorator as much as I enjoy putting it together. I’m excited to share that you can now save money on your subscription while helping this newsletter grow.

With Advisorator’s referral program, you’ll get a permanent 10% discount* just by bringing one new paid subscriber on board. Refer additional subscribers to Advisorator, and you’ll get even greater rewards. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Refer one paid subscriber for a 10% discount*.
  • Refer two paid subscribers for a 20% discount*.
  • Refer five paid subscribers for a 50% discount*.
  • Refer 10 paid subscribers to get your subscription for free*.

These aren’t one-time discounts. Instead, they’ll apply for as long as you remain a subscriber.

To get started, head to your membership page and select the “Referrals” tab to find your unique referral link.

Share this link via email, text message, or social media, and you’ll start earning referral credits each time someone uses it to become a paid subscriber. Your friends will get 10% off their first payment, and your name will appear as the referrer on the check-out page:

Here are some free sample issues to share as you spread the word about Advisorator:

Thanks so much for your support! If you have any questions or feedback about this program—or anything else related to your subscription—just send me an email.

*A little fine print: “Paid subscriber” refers to a customer who’s kept their subscription after the free trial period. I may adjust this referral program on occasion, and reserve the right to revoke rewards for any reason (for instance, if it looks like someone’s abusing the system with secondary accounts or temporary sign-ups).