A new cord cutting guide, Spotify’s podcast problem, and another way to shut up Google

I’m guessing you’ve heard of at least a few of these little time-savers and neat features, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that a lot of useful phone functionality is extremely easy to ignore.

Plus: AT&T’s fiber makeover, awesome browser shortcuts, and savings on storage

After a few years of excess hype, 5G finally feels like it’s worth discussing in earnest.

Plus: More readable websites, an ad-free search engine, and cheap wall chargers.

Technology is at its best when it’s teaching us new skills, helping with our hobbies, or encouraging healthier habits out in the real world.

Plus: Degraded Google speakers, easier software updates, and word games galore.

Tech companies have lately seemed to be at a loss for what comes next, but last week’s CES tech trade show offered some clarity.

Plus: The old phone apocalypse, finding library books with ease, and a year of great apps.

While some of you might be hitting the gym as part of your New Year’s resolutions, now’s a fine time to make sure your gadgets are in peak shape as well.

Plus: The next smart home standard, search sidebar tricks, and interesting earbud deals

While I recommend a lot of apps, tools, and gadgets in this newsletter and elsewhere—and believe in experimenting to discover what works for you—in the end only a handful become essential.

Plus: An iOS YouTube enhancer, a Windows dark mode switcher, and a simple podcast sampler

While streaming music services such as Spotify and Apple Music typically charge $10 per month for access to their vast on-demand catalogs, I’ve managed to pay far less by bouncing between them.