Plus: A new kind of news reader, Spotify’s latest tricks, and the case for swipe typing

Individually, these features don’t make a big difference, but as a whole they can make your device much more enjoyable to use

Plus: Google Calendar conveniences, Facebook’s face recognition choice, and your camera’s hidden burst mode

When I started writing Advisorator, my goal was to talk about technology the same way I would with friends and family (when they let me).

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Plus: Doing more with screenshots, the FaceApp freakout, and a $5 car mount

Last week, in what was either a revelation or a sign of getting older, I experienced a sudden urge to make my mouse cursor bigger.

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Plus: A neat calculator trick, better Android browsing, cheap unlimited wireless, and a special podcast

Every year around now, we start seeing articles proclaiming that it’s a bad time to buy an iPhone.

Plus: A new view for Windows, external storage for cheap, and variations on an old tech trick

Using just a smart speaker and a handful of connected lights, I can relax before bed with dim lighting and relaxing sounds, turn the lights off after tucking myself in, and get wake myself up with music and lights in the morning.

Plus: A new way to use Spotify, Apple’s big news day, and a warning for laptop shoppers

Google was correct in predicting that our photo libraries were becoming too big to manage on our own, and that we’d need help from AI to sift through everything.