Setting up a pair of AirPods is so simple—just open the case, tap “Connect” on your phone, and plug them in your ears—that you can easily miss all of the extra features and customizations they offer.

Plus: The new OLED TV wars, Zoom’s animal avatars, and deleting your Google searches

While passwords are far from perfect, they also have lots of advantages that won’t be easily replicated by passwordless systems.

Plus: New Apple gear, Android’s text message upgrade, and iOS’s best new feature

While I’m not going to argue that budget earbuds are just as good—or even almost as good—as the AirPods Pro, the differences aren’t as dramatic as you might think given the gulf in cost between them.

Plus: Apple’s next event, tweaking Google’s app launcher, and hiding faces in photos

I have a borderline obsession with not being permanently tied any particular device or computing platform, and these built-in password managers can ultimately be another mechanism for lock-in.

Plus: Clearing desktop clutter, Amazon’s missing robots, and deep Mac discounts.

Features like multi-room audio room audio, phone control, and TV speaker output can vary from one platform to the next, and the support for various streaming music services can be wildly inconsistent. To make sense of it all, I decided to make a chart.

Plus: Google Docs’ new view, remote computer control, and more tech tune-up advice.

You needn’t be a tech whiz to know the basics of how to visit a website or search the web. Even the notion of opening, closing, and rearranging browser tabs is pretty straightforward. But behind those basics are all kinds of powerful features that make web browsing more efficient.

Plus: Samsung’s new gear, Apple’s AirTag alterations, and a surprisingly great calendar app.

In the same way that you might have a toolbox for handiwork, you might consider keeping a tech toolkit for maintaining, fixing, or improving your gadgets.

Plus: Text extraction tools, Gmail’s redesign, and Amazon device deals.

By tapping into a oft-overlooked text message filtering system inside iOS, TextKiller can automatically hide unwanted messages, and I’m surprised at how effective it’s been.