Plus: Quicker customer service calls, clearer iPhone audio, and a new web guide

With just a little bit of setup, you can protect yourself against losing your documents, photos, and other important files, even if your phone goes missing or your computer breaks down.

Plus: A powerful webcam app and the return of free iPhones.

If, like me, you still want a simpler way of playing music on your phone, it’s time to revisit [Pandora](, whose focus on internet radio has never wavered.

Plus: Hiding info from Google, fixing autocorrect annoyances, and ambient noise for Windows.

While my Wi-Fi advice has largely held up over the past couple of years, technology never stands still, and so I thought it was time to bring that story up to date.

Plus: Sonos’ next soundbar, new Zoom gestures, and upping your emoji game.

While I love that Windows and MacOS let you juggle a dozen apps at once, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all those open windows, or to waste time reshuffling and resizing them all.

Another smart home disaster, a chance to clear out tech junk, and a slick PowerPoint alternative.

Although I’ve written about tracker blocking in bits and pieces over the years, I think it’s time to compile the best anti-tracking options in one place.

Plus: Google’s improved wireless plans and Microsoft’s magical handwriting app,

Setting up a pair of AirPods is so simple—just open the case, tap “Connect” on your phone, and plug them in your ears—that you can easily miss all of the extra features and customizations they offer.

Plus: The new OLED TV wars, Zoom’s animal avatars, and deleting your Google searches

While passwords are far from perfect, they also have lots of advantages that won’t be easily replicated by passwordless systems.

Plus: New Apple gear, Android’s text message upgrade, and iOS’s best new feature

While I’m not going to argue that budget earbuds are just as good—or even almost as good—as the AirPods Pro, the differences aren’t as dramatic as you might think given the gulf in cost between them.