4/11/2023: Luxurious portable power banks

Portable power banks get fancy

Plus: A better remote desktop tool, PC gaming tricks, and Google-powered smart displays left behind

Hey folks! For this week’s feature column, I’m excited to share an article from Dwight Silverman, a veteran tech journalist whose work I’ve long admired. Dwight has spent more than 30 years covering personal technology for the Houston Chronicle, where he served as tech editor and still writes an excellent weekly column. (I’m also honored that he sometimes hangs out in Advisorator’s own chat room on Slack.)

This article, adapted from a previous Chronicle story, is all about the high end of portable power banks. It’s topic I know a bunch of you are passionate or at least curious about, so I thought it’d be a great fit here in the pages of Advisorator. Take it away, Dwight!

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